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Prior to working with Colleen, I was 100% focused on work. I was finishing my PhD and put everything else on the back burner: my health, my happiness, my peace of mind, etc. I felt drained and exhausted and I wanted to refocus on myself. Originally, I thought this meant starting a strict workout routine and diet and working myself just as hard as before, but in a different way. So, I started looking for a health coach.

Colleen’s approach to coaching was different than what I first set out to find, but was what ultimately drew me to her. She focused on the whole self and finding balance. Yes, we worked on my diet and exercise goals, but she also focused on helping me find joy and stillness. She did this by having me focus on short and long-term goals in key areas that I felt needed improvement (not just fitness/diet). When setting goals, we talked not just about the goals but also about what I hoped to gain from them. This helped me see their importance up front.

Additionally, as I worked toward these goals, she had me establish keystone habits that brought me peace and joy every day.

In all honestly, these things felt silly to me at first. I was used to working toward goals that were obvious and grueling (e.g., PhD). The goals/keystone habits that I set with Colleen were simple: meditate, read a chapter of a book for fun, exercise for at least 10 minutes, get more sleep, drink less coffee, etc. (Note: These were tailored toward my personal goals.) However, they made a huge impact on my overall health and happiness. I have less anxiety, I sleep better, I live in the moment more, I feel more joy. And a bonus—I lost the weight that I had set out to lose too, without crazy dieting and excessive exercise plans.


The routine I established with Colleen is one that is easy to maintain and that I will carry with me into the future. It should be noted that all of this happened during a period of my life that was full of big life changes—submitting my dissertation/completing my PhD, starting a new job, and getting married. These new habits helped me getting through all of it with less stress and more joy.

 I think my biggest takeaway from my time with Colleen is her lesson of moderation. I have always been a perfectionist and get mad at myself when I fall short. She taught me that it’s okay to indulge here and there, just to be mindful. Now, I don’t get mad at myself If I eat out on weekends; I just don’t do it often and I try to make moderately good choices when I do. I don’t get mad at myself if I don’t work out for hours and hours; I’m thankful that I worked out at all and I try to work movement into my everyday lifestyle (e.g., I walk to work now). By doing what I can every day to live a healthier lifestyle, I lost the weight that I wanted to lose and it’s a lifestyle that I know I can maintain. This, I know, will be the key to feeling healthier throughout my life. (Of course, I have to continue to prioritize my health and joy too—another key lesson I’ve learned from Colleen.)

Colleen’s program has more than exceeded my expectations. I lost the weight I wanted to lose. I prioritize my health and well-being more than I have in a long, long time. I feel joy and balance and stillness. And I have tools to get myself through the stresses of life.


All of this is way more than I expected to gain when I first started looking for a health coach, and I am very grateful for all of Colleen’s help, time, and kindness. I cannot recommend her enough. 

Naomi Enzinna

Houston, TX

I had known Colleen from before she went into being a health and life coach, and she was someone who I had always appreciated. I had been going through a tough period in my life, and after being out of contact with her, I decided to reach out after I took a look at her transformation. As a single parent, I knew I needed to make quality changes and improvements to my life, and I saw in her what I needed to do, not just to my body, but for my mental and emotional health, and for the well-being of my little one. 

I invested in her, and she was always invested in me. I can proudly say that my quality of life has improved significantly since adding her to my health team, and I guarantee it will be the same for you too. She will go beyond and stay in contact with you throughout the whole process, and she welcomes open communication. She is really easy to talk to and she will always have your goals in mind. I crushed mine, and with her, you will too.

Paco Vilaro
Miami, FL